Learning never stops even when faced with rejection


Continuous professional development……

During a discussion with friends who have been job hunting for months, you could become quiet depressed if you overheard the conversation. A couple had been searching for a job for the last 2 years! Yes I said 2 years and others had been successful after a few interviews to secure a job. It may not have been their dream job but a job that pays the bills and gets them out of the house. Are they happy, well I’ll come back to that later.

The couple that had been searching for a job for 2 years have not been sitting idol mopping around and waiting for things to happen. After many unsuccessful interviews and reflecting on the outcomes, they decided to make things happen for themselves. Interviews are a two way process, which many interviewers forget.

Coming from a mix of public and private sector, they were told by recruitment agencies only the last 5 years of experience was relevant even though their experience spanned 20 years between them. Surely that is wrong. They had come from a background where they had learned best practice HR however they were told that they were not ‘commercial’ enough. Fed up with recruitment agencies (their experience maybe different from yours) and being told that they need professional services or financial services experience and the private sector won’t take people with public sector experience they decided to take life by the horns and run with the bulls.

They hitched a plan, as you know nothing happens without a plan and a goal, and a decision to keep working at it. Life gave them lemons but instead of sucking on the bitter taste they looked for honey. A decision was made to learn something new, slightly diversify their careers and even reinvent themselves. In their eyes they retrained.

Thanks to Tony Robbins (http://www.tonyrobbins.com/)  videos and books and other sources they discovered a whole new world. One was very inquisitive and interested in the global world of business and wore different hats in throughout her career. Sat on Boards and Committees, Chaired various conferences and seminars and worked with some high profile internationally known senior people on various projects. All experience is relevant, don’t be told otherwise.

They attended a business leadership course, took themselves off to seminars, workshops, read books, watch business programmes and also worked with their friends who run small businesses. Learning and using their business/people skills.  One got a mentor and the other became a mentor to young people.

Human Resources is no longer just about policies and procedures or disciplinary and grievance hearings. A HR professional must understand the business and what’s going on around it. HR no longer can work in isolation. How businesses operated five years ago is no longer relevant. Innovation and creativity is what is driving the business world and having a ‘stale’ mind which is not open to learning new things is a recipe for disaster.

Business is like a big jigsaw puzzle, for it to be successful everything in it must fit together. In this global changing world the Customer Experience is just as important as employee engagement, as a HR Professional you must understand this. The tech and digital world is moving faster than gold medal winner Usain Bolt. Time waits for no one so it’s down to you to progress your career by learning new things. Continuous professional and personal development is the key to your success.

It’s important for anyone to be constantly learning by using different methods to acquire new information.  Text books are good but by the time they have been printed and read the information can be out of date. If you want to have a successful career you need to ‘put yourself out there’. Be like a sponge, soak up the information and transfer it into your work and even your personal life. Learning never stops!

In the first paragraph I mentioned the friends who had found jobs but sadly they were not happy and now looking for new opportunities. They too have decided to be open to learn new things to enhance their current careers with a possibility with overseas jobs. Time waits for no one, not even a HR professional!


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