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Vivienne is an award winning multi-disciplinary accomplished HR/Business Professional with 12 years plus multi sector experience working across both public and private sectors – including SME’s/entrepreneurial businesses, Sports, IT, Fashion, Security and advising senior management team and CEO of a famous world-wide UK brand.

Experience of working in a multi-cultural global environment and internationally, She  is very interested in business and understands the impact globalization has on business. Recognises the values Millennials bring to the business world. Without a diverse workforce, business cannot do business globally and locally.

Board member/Chair

Over 8 years’ experience of sitting on various boards and committees, and committed to giving helping improve lives of others around her. Chairman of the Football Association (FA) Anti-Discrimination Chairman’s Panel

Working as a ‘critical friend’ scrutinising the organisation’s performance and offering HR strategic input, improving organisational performance through enabling good governance and advising to the executive team. Using up to date Business knowledge able to identify and understand key issues and risks. Improving organisational and people performance, Cultural Change and Structural Change, community and customer awareness and become more commercial to meet the challenges in London and worldwide.

CHAIR of a Recruitment strategic committee overseeing the recruitment strategy and implementation process staff and volunteers for the 2012 Olympics. Recruitment targets met. Introduced innovation and new ideas to changing the face of recruitment and retention of staff. Received award for Diversity Excellence.

BOARD MEMBER for Regeneration Partnership Initiative working with the UK’s leading property regeneration specialist, private, public and third sector engaging external stakeholders to make sustainability and environmental changes. Stakeholder management.

BOARD MEMBER (previously Chair) Green Horizons/Metropolitan Housing overseeing £100million regeneration project, winning 4 awards for our projects, received recognition in Europe for CSR projects. Involved in organisational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, contract management (facilities and procurement) and tender panels.

Co-Chair of MPA Stop and Search Community Monitoring Network

In her spare time, Vivienne is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, loves Formula 1, travelling and meeting people from different cultures; she is very creative and enjoys making her own clothes.


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